M O R P H I N E 666


The Morphine 666 story

MORPHINE 666 is the project of a dark souled blue blooded dandy, Garbo Dastorg and psychotic talented virtuoso guitarist DokTor Heinrich Von Raven. The result is a vicious, dangerous and violent diary of mixed experiences, where passion, hope, ambition, pride, sadness and rebellion bounce against each other and finally brew. MORPHINE 666 looks like the Devil's boudoir or a death cabaret where Mozart gets drunk with Marlene D. who's holding a flute of champagne in one hand and keeping the other one near her beloved Lüger sticking out of her fishnet stockings. Rimbaud and Baudelaire are stirring their absinthe while in the background you can hear Kurt Weill hammering on his cheap out of tune piano. Wilkommen to our sexy apocalyptic death kabaret performed in a very decadent, burlesque, baroque and modern style. MORPHINE 666 doesn't compromise and takes no prisoners. Its is all about passion, pride, a way of life, far from the prefab world and philosophy we are living in. MORPHINE 666 is loud, nasty and elegant.